We offer wireless intruder alarm installation throughout Glasgow and Paisley, providing a 12-month guarantee with our products and the best bit is that you can monitor the alarm from your mobile phone.

Wireless alarms can grow from a basic, small system to a complex web depending on your budget. You can expand the number of sensors required and also update the software regularly and even automatically.

Having a wireless system fitted will not require the need for us to lay cables and wires throughout your home or commercial property. The components for a wired installation are more expensive and it is far easier to install a wireless intruder alarm network when you also take into consideration the labour costs and less clean-up work.

New developments in smartphone technology also allow you are able to connect and manage your home or business security system direct from your mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop at any time and from anywhere, even while you are on holiday abroad or on a business trips around the world.

We offer our wireless intruder alarm installation services to both homes and commercial premises throughout Manchester and Stockport.

Wireless Home Burglar Alarm System

What do we offer?

  • Ultra-compact wireless alarm systems
  • Pet tolerant PIR’s
  • External sounders
  • Professional installation
  • 12 month guarantee

What’s included in our package?

  • 1 control panel
  • 3 x movement detectors
  • 1 x door contact
  • 1x External sounder & strobe
  • You are able to monitor this alarm using your mobile anywhere in the world!