Guide to Brick Lights, the outdoor lighting solution

Guide to Brick Lights, the outdoor lighting solution

Brick lights are an excellent choice for outdoor lighting. They not only look lovely as part of a wall, patio, or garden path, but they’re also simple to install and provide enough light to complement any backyard party or BBQ. In a modern garden design, you don’t want a big piece of outdoor light that looks bad and blinds your guests as you eat outside. It’s better to add a little soft lighting to the garden finish instead. Brick lights are a great way to do this.

Their wires are hidden inside the wall or patio, so they look the same as bricks, wood, or concrete. Any cables can be hidden behind the wall or under the floor, giving you a clean finish that doesn’t detract from the desired look.

You can read on to learn how to put in brick lights and see our full selection.

How to install an outdoor brick light

It is simple to install brick lights. You’ll just need an external power supply, a drill, a screwdriver, and a voltage tester, as well as any cabling required to connect the bright lights to the power source.

Step 1: Prepare your surface

Make sure your brick lights are no broader than the brick, paving slab, or wooden slat into which you intend to install them. Then, cut the required hole in your surface, taking care not to go through any joists or supporting bricks, which would result in the entire wall collapsing.

Step 2: Turn off the power

Locate the junction box and pry the faceplate off using a screwdriver. Turn off the power and use a voltage tester to ensure no energy flows through.

Step 3: Lay out your cabling

Leave a 10cm space between the junction box and each brick lamp you want to install. Remove a 5cm piece of sleeving from either end of each cable, then strip 5cm from each wire inside.

Guide the cabling below the wooden decking boards and feed it into the junction box. When working with walls, run it down the base of the wall (the opposite side of your lights) and conceal it in an outdoor conduit.

Step 4: Fit your mounting boxes

Screw the mounting boxes into the pre-drilled hole, ensuring they don’t move when the light is mounted.

Step 5: Connect your lights

Remove the bulb and diffuser from the brick lights by unscrewing the front plate. To connect your cable to the lamp, unscrew the gland nut and insert the line through the hole. Put the brick lamp back together by tightening the gland nut.

You can now use the mounting box. It’s time to secure it.

Step 6: Turn on your power and enjoy

You can now turn the power on to the junction box and admire the beauty of your hard work!


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